At least I'm with you. Jack She was born into a wealthy family. He has every rivet in it, don't you, Thomas? Staying "perfectly rich" : [Rose has just lied about how she "slipped" while leaning over the rail to see the propellers and that Jack saved her], [to Fabrizio after winning two tickets on Titanic], [Jack shrugs it off as no offense; Jack looks down at his utensils, confused as which to use, he turns to Molly Brown]. [trying to imitate the southern American accent]  Rose : [Seeing Cal getting ready to light up a cigarette, he throws Cal his lighter]. "Ladies, we'd better hurry." Full Name "What's the artist's name?" O… Jack : Well, yes, ma'am, I do. I've got air in my lungs and a few blank sheets of paper. Rose nodded, hiding her disappointment. Then she gazed up at the ship. added by TitanicLeoKate. Thank you, Rose. Rose [She and Jack have just made love in the backseat of the car. All right. Dislikes [starts shaking Jack's hand]. Rose’s most interesting relationship by far is the one she shares with her mother. Well, you're being very rude. Rose thought for sure she could have made friends with her... That night she peacefully died in her sleep at the age of 100, about a month before her 101st birthday, in 1996. Look at that thing! : : He is exhausted and breathing heavily. Pardon me? La lovestory Jack/Rose est peut-être à l’origine d’une pure fiction, mais comme on peut s’en douter, il y avait de vraies relations amoureuses à bord du Titanic. : : : Rose I couldn't go, Jack. Now hold on to the railing. : Not that you'll benefit much from it. : Jack The crewmen on the decks looked like tiny ants to the crowd below, dwarfed completely by the awesome scale of the luxury liner. Step up on the railing. It's not up to you to save me, Jack. Jack Official Sites Mm-hmm. Was that the way of it? Here you go, Cal. "You'll have to check your baggage through the main terminal. Cal Hockley You're trembling. : Rose Rose Jack Sorry. She’s very unconventional for a woman in 1912, eschewing most of the popular pastimes for young ladies (such as dancing, singing and swooning on chaises longues) in favour of collecting art and reading Freudian theory. It's been one year since the tragic events of Titanic. It has squash courts, a Parisian café... and even Turkish baths." You're not one of them. "Titanic: Music From the Motion Picture." Master at Arms : Having being raised by a upper-class family, she was a skilled dancer, able to dance alongside Jack and other third-class inmates and was also able to stand on her toes for several seconds to the surprise of her spectators. Rose Her emerald green eyes studied the ship with cool appraisal. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Right. And where exactly do you live, Mr. Dawson? This ship was acting as a slave ship to her. : : Hold on, hold on. : You never know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. She arranges the match with Cal. Oh yes... [slowly walking up a staircase to the stern as the ship is about to sink]. Rose That's why I trust it. Formal and day dresses, shoes, accessories. Art was the only thing Rose could use amongst not only her society, but also her mother and Cal, to escape from her confined lifestyle from time-to-time. What really holds Rose back are external pressures more than anything else -- all the decisions she make that hamper her progress through the story can be directly traced back to the stifling social conventions placed upon her. At some point, he met Fabrizio De Rossi, in most likely Italy, who would become his best friend, leading them traveling together. "You told me to change." He was her fiancé, Caledon Hockley. : added by TitanicLeoKate. : Jack! "Look up at the ship, darling," Rose heard Daniel call out to his wife. Jack She still has bad habits from being born poor." Jack Her outlook on life changes wildly throughout the movie -- she goes from wanting to kill herself to wanting to run away with her lover and start a new life together in a very short space of time -- but as her reasons for this are pretty well-established. She was rather fearless, jumping back on to the Titanic to be with Jack despite knowing the dangers of doing so and venture in to a flooded E-deck to locate the former. "Your daughter is far too difficult to impress, Ruth." : Rose, on the other hand, was in the Sitting Room. Well, you woulda done it already. "Forever," he whispered in her ear. Rose used a nearby whistle to call to the lifeboat nearby to rescue her. She sees that his life is free of the restrictions and pressures she so despises, and after some dithering on her part, she realizes that by leaving the ship with him, she can leave all of that behind. : He was of some assistance to my fiancée last night. I can't turn away without knowing you'll be all right... That's all that I want. Ha, ha. No, stay where you are! Mr. Dawson is joining us from the Third Class. Natural causes As they weaved nearer to the gangplank through the jostling crowd, Rose couldn't help noticing a well-dressed young man was cranking the handle of a new wooden "cinematography" camera that was mounted upon a tripod. she finished. [Jack and Rose are cuddling in the back seat of the car]. On Wednesday April 10th 1912, Rose boarded the luxurious RMS Titanic in Southampton, England, at the age of 17 with her mother and her fiancé Cal. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise. He intended to spend every moment this afternoon boasting to the other first-class men on being the wealthiest man aboard later on over cigars and a large brandy once lunch was over. I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. Trudy asked. Aug 30, 2015 - Rose from Titanic. The moment they docked in New York, Cal and her mother would have her on the first train back to Philadelphia for the Engagement Gala, and then they would be married within the next week. "Put that in the wardrobe." Rose [to Jack]  : It is not known when they met, but it is possible Fabrizio accompanied Jack on his journeys around the world, including the ill-fated maiden voyage of the Titanic. [He smiles at her; their fingers intertwining. You're distracting me! That's typical. I don't know the steps! Powers / Skills You're gonna die an old... an old lady warm in her bed, not here, not this night. Rose DeWitt Bukater, later known as Rose Dawson Calvert (1895 - 1996) is the heroine in Titanic and was the love interest of Jack Dawson, until his death. : Come, Josephine, in my flying machine, going up, she goes up, up she goes. And how is it you have means to travel? Jack, I... Jack When they finally came to a halt, the driver of the white Renault hurriedly got out and opened the door. Rose looking at a Picasso painting. After all, the movie is about an enormous ship crashing into an iceberg -- as Rose wasn’t the one driving the boat, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the most life-changing event she goes through was completely out of her control. : She starts her story as someone who’s forced into a life she does not want, but by the end of it, she turns her back on all the restrictions that were placed on her and makes a life of her own choosing. Rose also had some skill with swimming, though she needed Jack and a lifebelt's assistance to reach a door frame. : Don’t you say your good-byes. Rose Dawson Pictures. : "He won't amount to a thing. Rose Being a moving film actress had once been one of her own dreams, until she remembered her place in high society. I'm flying, Jack! : As she died her spirit went to the Titanic wreck and as she walked along it, the Titanic returned to its original splendor and looked like it never sunk. Go away! Jack Rose and her mother were just going down for dinner when they saw the new additions to first-class come aboard. [amused, referring to Cal]  Jack [Jack and Rose break a door while the ship is sinking]. My crowd, they think they're giants. Jack She was dressed in a stunning white and purple dress. "Her husband apparently struck gold out west somewhere. In her teen years, Rose is being forced into a marriage with Caledon Hockley, despite her dislike for him, in order to maintain the family's luxurious life and high social status. Her beautiful, curly red hair was pinned back in a low bun, and hidden completely underneath a splendid feather hat. : Jack : Occupation [stepping into the water for the first time, surprised by the cold feeling, after Rose rescues him]  We're gonna have to get a little bit closer. : "Mother," Rose said in a quiet voice once the woman was out of earshot. I'm gonna have to get you to write that one down. 17 (in 1912) 100 ½ (in 1996) I mean it! Ruth "The Rose of No Man's Land" (or in French "La rose sous les boulets") is a song written as a tribute to the Red Cross nurses at the front lines of the First World War. In contrary to her upbringing, she was a binge drinker, drinking beer fast enough to shock Jack. [stands onto the same railing she's on, hugs her waist]  She forces the standards of an upper-class Edwardian lady onto Rose, without caring how it will affect her, and seems genuinely shocked that Rose might resent her for this. Jack