The B-side of the single is Ono's song "Beautiful Boys".. Lennon wrote "Woman" as an ode to his wife Yoko Ono, and to all women. A 2002 UK survey conducted by the Guinness World Records British Hit Singles Book named it the second best single of all time, while Rolling Stone ranked it number three in the 2004 list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time". Since 2005, event organisers have played the song just before the New Year's Times Square Ball drops in New York City. La madre Julia, nata Stanley, gli diede come secondo nome Winston, in onore dell'allora primo ministro Winston Churchill. Juni 1971 mit dem Produzenten Phil Spector und dem Arrangeur Torrie Zito, der für die Orchestrierungen, die von The Flux Fiddler eingespielt wurden, verantwortlich war. Februar 1971 aufgenommen, wurden erstmals 1998 auf dem Boxset John Lennon Anthology veröffentlicht. Als Interpret wurde auf dem Schallplattenlabel irrtümlich „The Beatles featuring John Lennon“ aufgeführt. [63], In June 2017, the US National Music Publishers Association awarded "Imagine" a Centennial Song Award and recognized Lennon's desire to add Yoko Ono as a co-author of the song. Oktober 1988 (B-Seite: Give Peace a Chance) in den USA[37] veröffentlicht. 9. The song was played for 70,000 people in Baku, Azerbaijan that served as host of the event. imagine: john lennon (Music from the Motion Picture) (1988) | [78] Herman Cain, then the CEO of Godfather's Pizza, performed a parody of "Imagine", identified as "Imagine There's No Pizza", before the Omaha Press Club in 1991, which became a viral video when he ran for President of the United States 20 years later. Am 5. [8] Blaney wrote, "Lennon contends that global harmony is within our reach, but only if we reject the mechanisms of social control that restrict human potential. Von Oh My Love existiert eine Demoaufnahme vom November 1968 und von Oh Yoko! The song was first issued as a single in Britain in 1975, to promote the compilation Shaved Fish, and reached number six on the UK Singles Chart that year. [88] Dolly Parton recorded the song for her 2005 covers album Those Were the Days. Instant Karma: All-Time Greatest Hits (2001) | A lot of it – the lyric and the concept – came from Yoko, but in those days I was a bit more selfish, a bit more macho, and I sort of omitted her contribution, but it was right out of Grapefruit. John Winston Ono Lennon MBE (born John Winston Lennon, 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980) was an English singer, songwriter, musician and peace activist who achieved worldwide fame as the founder, co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles. Das Cover des McCartney-Albums Ram zeigt auf der Vorderseite Paul McCartney, der einen Widder an dessen Hörnern festhält. John Lennon nacque al Maternity Hospital di Oxford Street, a Liverpool, nel pomeriggio del 9 ottobre 1940, mentre era in corso un raid aereo tedesco della seconda guerra mondiale, da una famiglia discendente dagli O'Leannain dell'Irlanda occidentale. [45] In 2002, a UK survey conducted by the Guinness World Records British Hit Singles Book ranked it the second best single of all time behind Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Das Titelstück Imagine gehört zu den erfolgreichsten Kompositionen John Lennons und beschreibt die Vision einer besseren und gerechteren Welt. "[9] Ono described the lyrical statement of "Imagine" as "just what John believed: that we are all one country, one world, one people. The film was written and directed by Andrew Piddington and stars Jonas Ball, Robert C. Kirk and Thomas A. McMahon. "[9] He told NME: "There is no real Communist state in the world; you must realize that. Die beiden wohl politischsten Lieder auf dem Album sind I Don’t Wanna Be a Soldier, Mama[9] sowie Gimme Some Truth,[10] das ebenfalls schon während der Aufnahmen zum geplanten Get Back-Album der Beatles geprobt wurde. Das Coverfoto stammt von Peter Fordham. [72] In 1991–92, Liza Minnelli performed the song in her show at Radio City Music Hall. John Ono Lennon (születési nevén John Winston Lennon; Liverpool, 1940. október 9. That piano part, "gentle as a rocking chair", underpins lyrics that, Waldman says, "belongs to the tradition of hymns or spirituals that visualize a glorious afterlife without prophesizing any immediate end to suffering on earth". [16] Its 4-bar piano introduction begins with a C chord then moves to Cmaj7 before changing to F; the 12-bar verses also follow this chord progression, with their last 4 bars moving from Am/E to Dm and Dm/C, finishing with G, G11 then G7, before resolving back to C.[16] The 8-bar choruses progress from F to G to C, then Cmaj7 and E before ending on E7, a C chord substituted for E7 in the final bar. [57] Authors Ben Urish and Ken Bielen called it "the most subversive pop song recorded to achieve classic status". [37] Following Lennon's murder in 1980, the single re-entered the UK chart, reaching number one, where it remained for four weeks in January 1981. 31 and going gold. Esta página se editó por última vez el 1 dic 2020 a las 23:57. Die Single God Save Us / Do the OZ wurde am 22. [36], Released as a single in the United Kingdom in 1975 in conjunction with the album Shaved Fish, "Imagine" peaked at number six on the UK Singles Chart. Heart Play – unfinished dialogue (mit Yoko Ono) (1983) | "[9], Blaney considered the song to be "riddled with contradictions. [48][nb 2], On 1 January 2005, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation named "Imagine" the greatest song in the past 100 years as voted by listeners on the show 50 Tracks. In Großbritannien wurde das Album zusätzlich als Schallplatte mit einer von Allan Steckler vorgenommenen quadrofonischen Abmischung vertrieben. Alle Lieder stammten von John Lennon, wobei eines – Oh My Love – in Zusammenarbeit mit Yoko Ono entstanden war. Die Covergestaltung erfolgte von Yoko Ono. "[8] When asked about the song's meaning during a December 1980 interview with David Sheff for Playboy magazine, Lennon told Sheff that Dick Gregory had given Ono and him a Christian prayer book, which inspired him the concept behind "Imagine". More than 200 artists have performed or covered the song, including Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Joan Baez, Lady Gaga, Elton John and Diana Ross. Mit seinen Äußerungen in Bezug auf Religion im Song Imagine verletzte Lennon vermutlich die religiösen Gefühle seines späteren Mörders Mark David Chapman, was wohl hauptsächlich zu dem Attentat führte. [60][nb 4] Others argue that Lennon intended the song's lyrics to inspire listeners to imagine if the world could live without possessions, not as an explicit call to give them up. [51] Australians selected it the greatest song of all time on the Nine Network's 20 to 1 countdown show on 12 September 2006. [24] It peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100[25] and reached number one in Canada on the RPM national singles chart, remaining there for two weeks. John Winston Ono Lennon, MBE (born John Winston Lennon; 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980), was an English singer and songwriter.He became famous as a singer and guitarist of the English rock band The Beatles.After the Beatles stopped making records in 1970, he lived in the United States with his wife Yoko Ono.He continued his music career up until his death in 1980 Die Aufnahmen zum Album wurden auch filmisch dokumentiert, so beinhaltete der Film Imagine folgende Lieder: Weitere Filmaufnahmen wurden für den Dokumentarfilm Imagine: John Lennon verwendet, der ab Oktober 1988 in den Kinos gezeigt wurde. Selv sagde Lennon, at det var "en anti-religion, anti-nationalistisk, anti-kapitalistisk og anti-konventionel sang. Die Textzeile “those freaks was right when they said you was dead” ist eine Anspielung auf die Paul-is-dead-Verschwörungstheorie. Shaved Fish (1975) | Put your political message across with a little honey. [34], Im Mexiko wurde im Jahr 1972 die EP Imagine mit folgenden Liedern veröffentlicht: Imagine / It’s So Hard / Oh My Love / Give Some Some Truth. Wonsaponatime (1998) | Imagine: John Lennon, with its wealth of stock Lennon footage and self-narration, proved to be a well-received film and its soundtrack sold well in the United States, reaching No. 2: Life with the Lions (1969) | The first adaptation of the original 8-track recording of "Imagine", Lennon also appeared in video. Milk and Honey (mit Yoko Ono) (1984), Livealben: În 2010, pe când ar fi fost a 70-a aniversare a lui Lennon, monumentul „John Lennon Peace Monument” (Monumentul de Pace John Lennon) a fost dezvăluit în parcul Chavasee, Liverpool, de către Cynthia și Julian Lennon. [65][66], In December 1971, Lennon and Ono appeared at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. [93], The song was performed as part of the closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Bei der Originalabmischung des Albums wurden die Streicher in Mono abgemischt, bei der Neuabmischung in Stereo. [90] A cover version of the song, performed by Italian singer Marco Carta, entered the top 20 in Italy in 2009, peaking at number 13. Us, we should have a nice ... British Socialism. Ono watched as he composed the melody, chord structure and almost all the lyrics, nearly completing the song in one brief writing session. Außerdem enthält die Liste die Namen der Autoren und der Produzenten der Stücke.. Diese Seite … Imagine (englisch ‚Stell dir vor‘) ist das zweite Solo-Studioalbum von John Lennon nach der Trennung der Beatles. "[9] Urish and Bielen described Lennon's "dream world" without a heaven or hell as a call to "make the best world we can here and now, since this is all this is or will be". Das Schallplattencover ist nicht aufklappbar. Imagine (1971)  | November 2020 um 16:26 Uhr bearbeitet. Januar 1969, von den Beatles gespielt, der Text beschreibt, dass man trotz äußerlicher perfekter Fassade, seinen schlechten psychischen Zustand nicht verbergen kann. Peace, Love & Truth (2004) | In der John Lennon-Dokumentation Imagine: John Lennon von 1988 gibt es mehrere Interviewsequenzen mit … For the musical notation to "Imagine" see: For Spector co-producing with Lennon and Ono see: For a description of the room and Ono opening shutters see: For the inclusion of "Imagine" in the set-list for the Re-Invention World Tour, see: For "Imagine" being played in 2005's New Year's Eve celebration in New York see: Guinness World Records British Hit Singles Book, Recording Industry Association of America, Working Class Hero: A Tribute to John Lennon, List of best-selling singles in the United Kingdom, List of best-selling singles of the 1980s in the United Kingdom, List of number-one singles in Australia during the 1970s, List of number-one singles of 1971 (Canada), List of number-one singles of 1975 (Ireland), List of number-one singles of 1981 (Ireland), List of UK Singles Chart number ones of the 1980s, "Not the only one: how Yoko Ono helped create John Lennon's Imagine", "WATCH: Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, Zoe Kravitz and others sing 'Imagine' to lift spirits during coronavirus fight", "John Lennon's 'Imagine' Threatens the Conservative Mindset Far Away and Near", "A History Of Hit Piano Ballads On The Hot 100", "Imagine that: John Lennon fans turn into zealots over Cee Lo's change in lyrics", "Lennon's Imagine Orchestrator Zito Dies", "Artist/VIP gallery: Zbigniew Rybczynski", "Daft Punk's Get Lucky becomes one of the UK's biggest selling singles of all-time! "Imagine" is a song by English rock musician John Lennon from his 1971 album of the same name. Die Aufnahmen für das Album fanden im Wesentlichen vom 24. bis zum 29. Als Single wurde in den USA[24] und Deutschland[25] am 11. [30] On 30 November 1971, the Imagine LP reached number one on the UK chart. [92] Hancock performed it with Arie, Kristina Train and Greg Phillinganes at the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Concert on 11 December. GIMME SOME TRUTH. [58], Elton John performed the song regularly on his world tour in 1980, including at his free concert in Central Park, a few blocks away from Lennon's apartment in The Dakota. [11][nb 1], Lennon composed "Imagine" one morning in early 1971, on a Steinway piano, in a bedroom at his Tittenhurst Park estate in Ascot, Berkshire, England. [22] The string arrangement was written by Torrie Zito. Ono gradually walks around opening shutters that allow in light, making the room brighter with the song's progression. The photograph on the sleeve was taken by May Pang in 1974. Für die Neuabmischung gab Yoko Ono die Anweisung, dass der Sound des Albums und der Gesang von John Lennon klarer hörbarer werden sollten. [103], *sales figures based on certification alone, The lyrical content of "Imagine" relates to Lennon's concept of, In 1991, the BBC restricted "Imagine" from airplay during the. "Imagine" was re-released as a single in the UK in 1988, peaking at number 45, and again in 1999, reaching number three. Einschließlich der acht Solo-Studioalben, der drei Avantgarde-Alben mit seiner Frau Yoko Ono, der beiden Livealben, des Interviewalbums und der Kompilationsalben ist es das insgesamt 19. [28] In 2003, it reached number 33 as the B-side to a re-release of "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". [28] Die CD- und die 12″-Vinyl-Single[29] enthalten zusätzlich noch das Lied Give Peace a Chance. Die CD hat ein Kunststoffcover. How Do You Sleep ist eine Abrechnung mit Paul McCartney und eine Reaktion auf dessen Ram-Album von 1971. He also initially attempted to record the piano part with Lennon playing the white baby grand in the couple's all-white room. That showed [me] they didn't understand it at all. Shortly before his death, Lennon said that much of the song's lyrics and content came from his wife, Yoko Ono, and in 2017 she received co-writing credit.[2]. – New York, 1980. december 8.) Imagine (John Lennon album) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Imagine is the second studio album by English musician John Lennon, released on 9 September 1971 by Apple Records. [74] In 2001, Neil Young performed it during the benefit concert America: A Tribute to Heroes. [55] Beatles producer George Martin praised Lennon's solo work, singling out the composition: "My favourite song of all was 'Imagine'". [4], Several poems from Yoko Ono's 1964 book Grapefruit inspired Lennon to write the lyrics for "Imagine"[6] – in particular, one which Capitol Records reproduced on the back cover of the original Imagine LP titled "Cloud Piece", reads: "Imagine the clouds dripping, dig a hole in your garden to put them in. [44] "Imagine" ranked number 23 in the list of best-selling singles of all time in the UK, in 2000. Januar und 15. In Deutschland wurde im Oktober 1975 Imagine / Working Class Hero[31] veröffentlicht. Performed by the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir and the Liverpool Signing Choir, the choirs sang the first verse and accompanied Lennon's original vocals during the rest of the song. [23], Issued by Apple Records in the United States in October 1971, "Imagine" became the best-selling single of Lennon's solo career. Der Inhalt der vier CDs befindet sich ebenfalls auf den beiden Blu-ray Discs, die zusätzlich noch die 5.1-Abmischungen beinhalten sowie die remasterte quadrofonische Abmischung aus dem Jahr 1971 und Interviews mit Elliot Mintz. [52], Former US President Jimmy Carter said, "in many countries around the world – my wife and I have visited about 125 countries– you hear John Lennon's song 'Imagine' used almost equally with national anthems. Imagine: John Lennon (álbum), banda sonora del documental. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 28. In Venezuela erschien im Jahr 1971 die Single Imagine mit der B-Seite Oh Yoko. [7], It’s so Hard ist ein bluesartiges Musikstück.[8]. [12] thematisieren die Liebe zu Yoko Ono. [40], Rolling Stone described "Imagine" as Lennon's "greatest musical gift to the world", praising "the serene melody; the pillowy chord progression; [and] that beckoning, four-note [piano] figure". "Imagine" er en af de mest kendte sange John Lennon skrev som solist. Klaus Voormann ist am E-Bass zu hören, Alan White und Jim Keltner teilten sich die Schlagzeugarbeit und Nicky Hopkins zeichnete für den größten Teil der Klavierparts verantwortlich. Power to the People: The Hits (2010) | [50] The song ranked number 30 on the Recording Industry Association of America's list of the 365 Songs of the Century bearing the most historical significance.