"La VW Fun Cup ne peut pas être un championnat dominé exclusivement par des jeunes loups ou des pilotes semi-professionnels alors que 75% du plateau est composé de gentlemen-drivers, dans le … Châssis 26. And while it pulls eagerly at lower speeds, the acceleration falls off a cliff once the car clears 85 mph. That seems possible since the car is terrific fun, reasonably priced and robust. Passionate about motor racing ? But it can be horrifyingly expensive too. Discover the VW Fun Cup, the only cup available for experienced and beginner drivers aboard the famous Beatle. At Thunderhill, our drivers devoted a lot of their time to making room for faster cars. Included in the Fun Cup's price is a Racepak GPS-based data logger, … And there are races packed with over 100 of them on the track at the same time. VW Fun Cup; Catégories. Then lift off the gas and the nose obediently tucks back in. “I have often been asked what is Fun Cup, … Boite de Vitesses 155. Contact. Why E85? Many times, the race car itself is the cheap part. Fan Shop 5. Kronos Events a le plaisir d’annoncer le lancement d’une version virtuelle de la VW Fun Cup powered by Hankook. Should You Warm Up Your Car When It's Cold? Choose from A-line ... Sell your art. We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. EARLIER: Check out NASCAR's Controversial Car of Tomorrow, Here Today, PLUS: Check Out the Hottest Cars from Bonneville Speed Week 2008, GALLERY: Top 10 NASCAR Crashes That Changed Racing (With Videos), Jay Leno's E85 Corvette Shows Powerhouses Can Go Green, Jay Leno's Custom C6RS Corvette Runs On E85, Ski-Friendly Saab 9-4X BioPower Concept Gives Swedish Peek (and a First for E85 ): Detroit Auto Show Preview, Hummer HX Concept Runs E85 With Halo-Ready Look: Detroit Auto Show Preview, How to Run Your Car on E85 Ethanol: Auto Clinic, Bentley Battles AMGs, Ferraris, McLarens, Scores Strong Racing Debut. A bientôt 29 ans, Kevin Caprasse a décroché une nouvelle couronne en VW Fun Cup. Rear visibility is mediocre at best. At $35,000, they may not seem inexpensive, but in the race-car arena—where it's easy to spend 50 grand ona car—the price of entry into the Fun Cup world isn't too bad. A five-speed manual transmission, from the VW Passat and Audi A4, routes the engine's 150 hp to the rear wheels. La VW Fun Cup powered by Hankook se porte bien, merci pour elle ! Once you’re accustomed to sitting in the exact middle of the car, it’s disarmingly easy to drive at the first sitting, but extracting its full potential requires time and practice. Clough's hope is that one day, Americans will enjoy the extremely close racing that accompanies those larger fields of cars. Prix 40 … To make "cheap racing" less of an oxymoron. C ette année, 129 Cox body-buildées (qu’on appelle plus exactement VW Fun Cup) ont attaqué le Raidillon samedi après-midi. There are no anti-roll bars, but cornering attitudes are flat, and the basic dynamic trait is understeer, though oversteer can be induced with a little trailing throttle. The Fun Cup is the brainchild of Franz Dubois, a Belgian touring-car veteran who dreamed this up as a relatively inexpensive way to go racing and also as a social event. Carrosserie 106. VW Motorsport 2L - Puissance 170cv à 6000 tours/min ... prix de revient d’environ 1 800,00 € HT par personne. In Europe, it’s supplied by Uniroyal. Photo ID: 1770094 Each national grouping stages a five-race series. ... vw, volkswagen, beetle, meme, fun, funny, joke. It’s a 2.0-liter, SOHC eight-valve VW four, rated at 150 horsepower and mated to a five-speed manual transmission. View Volkswagen Fun Cup images from our Volkswagen Fun Cup photo gallery. Four crashes, five spins, lots of moments, slides and action from the VW Fun Cup during the 2019 Franco Fun Festival at Spa-Francorchamps. For the U.S. series, BFGoodrich is stepping up with its g-Force Sport, a high-performance street tire. These are street tires, chosen for long life and a good combination of wet and dry performance. Vestes 1. The Fun Cup cars come fully equipped, ready to hit the track. And it did not take long for a few observations to bubble to the surface. That feature is a helpful driving tool because it illustrates—in real time—if a new cornering line is faster or slower. A cool element of the lap-timing function is a feature that contrasts progress of the driver’s current lap with his best lap, corner by corner. After helping a friend establish the Fun Cup in the U.K. in 2002, he’s now working to hook U.S. racers on the concept. This championship organized in Belgium by Kronos Events and in France by M3 is the best way to safely enjoy motor sport at the wheel of the legendary VW … The four-wheel disc brakes are sourced from the VW GTI. This racer is meant to be simple and easy to maintain. ... F1 2016 Italian Grand Prix Full Race - Duration: 1:41:31. It's like a perfect amateur-race-driver's school car because it behaves exactly as the textbooks say it should. Contact: races@kronosevents.be Website: www.vwfuncup.eu Instagram: vwfuncupoff YouTube: VW Fun Cup TV At 94.5 inches, the car’s wheelbase is almost the same as that of the ’72 Beetle, but the Fun Cup car is a little shorter, a little wider, not quite as tall, and distinctly more warlike. Accessoires 2. A transplanted Aussie, via London, Clough (pronounced “kluff”) is an information-technology man by training and longtime racing junkie, dating to the days when he helped out in his dad’s Brisbane auto-repair shop. La VW Fun Cup réservée aux voitures, conforme au règlement technique et sportif de la VW Fun Cup. How we test gear. The Spa 25 field is limited to 155 entries—precisely the number of starters last July. 2020 in Review: Watts to Freedom Just Happened? So the Fun Cup cars borrow proven pieces from the VW stable. The front and rear struts are from the VW Golf, and they're located with steel-tube control arms. At Spa, all the cars are the same, so there’s always someone to race with. Milo Racing 2020-09-02 09:26:14 LU … We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Kit 1. Aerodynamically, this car is a brick. Volkswagen confirmed this week that it has plans to build lower-cost ID electric car models beneath the planned ID.1 and ID.2, with more variants expected to be announced soon. Grand Prix Jacob Collins Chloe Sophie Anderson Bo Bartlett John Charles Cox And Cox French Artists Pictures To Draw. Châssis 26. Petite équipe, jamais de location. The VW Fun Cup is a unique concept in the world of motor racing that is aimed at all fans of motorsport, from novice drivers to experienced racers. And to back up the statement, they decided to run the entire 25-hour race on one set of tires. LOCATION FUN CUP EVO 3. Après l’Europe, c’est le championnat de France que le Visétois a décroché la première place finale ! Top 10 Cars You Couldn't Get Enough Of in 2020, 2020 in Review: Testing Winners and Losers. That maintenance can run into the thousands each race weekend. The LCD dash displays engine information, vehicle speed and lap time, and it also predicts if your current lap is better or worse than your previous best. Except for a problem with a VW flywheel, our Fun Cup kept going and going and going throughout the race. But, nein. For those light of wallet but still possessed with by need for speed, a new race car called the Fun Cup recently landed on our shores. If the strategy works, we're going to save of lot of time on pit stops. Usually, street tires tend to either wear quicker than race tires when subjected to the heat and stress of prolonged track use—or they simply break apart in chucks. Fun Cup Renamed Fun Cup Endurance Championship For 2021. To get a reading on this, we joined Greg Clough and the Fun Cup team for the fog-shortened 2008 NASA 25-hour race at California’s Thunderhill Raceway Park in December. Carrosserie 106. But overall, the Fun Cup is true to its name. So, is the Fun Cup car fun? VW Fun Cup Sprint Race Zolder 2h 3h 1.350€ 24 & 25 Septembre Luxembourg Trophy Colmarberg 2h 6h 1.250€ 28 & 29 Octobre Les 10 Heures de Mettet Mettet 3h 10h 2.200€ TOTAL 81,5h 19.150€ CONDITIONS VALABLES JUSQU’AU 1er MARS 2016 Prix hors TVA 6% TOTAL TARIF FINAL GAIN Prix … "It's not proven to be better or worse for the environment than gasoline," says Fun Cup President Greg Clough, "But at least it is domestically produced." Description. Unlike the original Beetle, the Fun Cup car’s engine rides ahead of the rear axle. VW Fun Cup 771. It's an easy car to drive because the controls have a natural, linear feel, and the handling is easily controlled. 2.200 € à discuter. These tires generate excellent grip—1.2 g, according to the Fun Cup meter—and seem to be exceptionally durable, an endearing trait to budget ­racers. I'll get to the race cars in a second, but first, check out this fleet of pace cars: G/O Media may get a commission. In 2011, Spa became home to the 25 Hours VW Fun Cup. La VW e-Fun Cup powered by Hankook, le championnat e-sport officiel … A vendre: VW Fun CUP EVO3 #27 (monoplace). Bonnets & casquettes 1. This was by design, says Clough, to encourage drafting and keep speed in check. Last December marked the sixth running of the 25-hour race at Thunderhill, and this year, the event has attracted some firepower. FICHE TECHNIQUE FUN CUP EVO 3-Carrosserie polyester en trois éléments monoblocs-Châssis tubulaire avec arceau de sécurité intégré-Cloisonnement anti-feu-Position de conduite centrale-Moteur central arrière VW … 19 K J’aime. For more info, go to www.fun-cup.com, or contact Greg Clough: greg@funcup.com. Elle se poursuivra à Magny-Cours les 19 et 20 … 20 Décembre 2020 Inscription Documents Découvrez notre calendrier formidable pour 2021 ! WILLOWS, Calif.—Motor racing is certainly one of the most thrilling pursuits on the planet. Formula 1 Full Races 425,783 views. The budget-killer is often keeping that car fit with fresh tires, brakes and other consumables. In an interview with Autocar, VW … And in high speed turns, you certainly want a planted rear end. … Its sole purpose? Prix du neuf Fiches techniques Essai VW Fun Cup 2017 : une Coccinelle avec des ailes. Cornering grip seemed to be on par with the other cars at Thunderhill running race tires. fun cup Champion de Belgique et d’Europe 2001 Constructeur du moule original de la carrosserie en polyester de la VW Fun Cup sous la direction de Franz Dubois, géniteur de cette nouvelle formule de compétition automobile, c’est tout naturellement que la Carrosserie Prince d’ … The car looks like a vintage VW Beetle. Our car experts choose every product we feature. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The Fun Cup cars wear BF Goodrich g-Force Sport tires. Depuis que Kronos Events a repris en 2012 la promotion de cette formule faisant la part belle aux sympathiques Coccinelles de course, … With 12 gallons of E85 in the Fuel Safe fuel cell up front, its race weight, minus driver, is a claimed 1700 pounds. … Included in the Fun Cup's price is a Racepak GPS-based data logger, dash and lap timer. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 2021 Chevy Suburban Diesel—First Test Drive. VW e-Fun Cup - Xmas Race. Test VW Fun Cup Evo 3 - Circuit de Mettet (on board) Partager la vidéo. We tested one during the country's longest endurance race, the grueling 25 Hours of Thunderhill at Thunderhill Park Raceway—a 3-mile high-speed road course located about 160 miles North of San Francisco, Calif. The engine note is rather flat and doesn't have that edge we'd like to hear in a real racer. T-shirts & Polos 1. The fiberglass body bolts to the frame and has one-piece hinged front and rear sections for easy access to the mechanicals.